WRQ Trade Snapshots

WRI offers trade updates to WRQ subscribers on a monthly basis. These snapshots provide detailed trade data (volume and prices) for softwood logs, softwood lumber, wood chips and wood pellets for major importing and exporting countries throughout the world. The snapshots are distributed electronically in real time as they become available, ensuring your information is always up to date. This service is provided at no additional cost to our subscribers. The WRQ Trade Snapshots are typically one page long and emailed 3-4 times per month. The products and regions rotate so the Trade Snapshots are not covering the same products and regions every month.

Over the past few years they have included:

Softwood Lumber

  • Exports from Canada, Finland, Germany, Russia and Sweden
  • Imports to China, the MENA countries and the US

Softwood Logs

  • Exports from Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the US
  • Imports to China, Japan and Sweden

Hardwood Logs

  • Exports from Russia

Wood Chips

  • Exports of hardwood chip from Australia
  • Imports of hardwood chips to China and Japan
  • Imports of softwood chips to Austria, China and Japan

Wood Pellets

  • Exports from Canada and the US
  • Imports to Denmark and the United Kingdom