Wood Resource Quarterly

The Global Sawlog & Pulpwood Price Report

WRI publishes the Wood Resource Quarterly (WRQ), a quarterly market report of 50 to 60-pages with subscribers in more than 30 countries. The publication covers most of the major regions that consume sawlogs, pulpwood and wood chips worldwide. The report also covers the latest market and trade developments in timber, pulp, lumber and biomass markets, including North America, Asia, Europe, South America and Oceania.

Wood Resources International Map

As a subscriber to the WRQ you will receive:

  • A quarterly 50 to 60-page market report (with price data for over 20 countries going back more than 25 years).
  • First Look! A preview of log and wood chip prices in key regions, emailed 1-2 weeks prior to each finalized report.
  • Access to past reports going back to 2007 via our website.
  • WRQ Trade Snapshot, a one-page trade update emailed 8-12 times per quarter, with the latest volume and price data for traded logs, lumber, wood chip and pellets in key countries around the world.
  • WRI Market Insights, 10-15 emails per quarter, with WRI news about the global sawlog, pulpwood, lumber and pellet markets.

The cost of wood raw material is the factor that often determines the competitiveness of a pulp manufacturing plant or a sawmill. These costs vary between 45-75% of the total cash cost depending on the product grade and market conditions. Prudent business decision-making regarding investments and strategic planning requires up-to-date and reliable market information about the constant changes in pricing of sawlogs, pulplogs and wood chips.

Join the large group of international forest industry analysts in subscribing to the only publication that has consistently tracked wood raw-material prices and wood market developments worldwide since 1988.

Pulpwood Prices and Wood Chip Prices Worldwide

Wood fiber prices are reported in both local currencies and US dollars, per cubic meter (m3) and oven dried metric ton (odmt). Prices are updated each quarter and supported by graphs showing a 33-year history of movements in delivered wood fiber price levels, and changes in foreign currency/US$ exchange rates. Regions covered by the WRQ account for as much as 85-90% of the world’s wood-based pulp production capacity.

Global Sawlog Prices

Sawlog price is the key factor when tracking changes in competitiveness for the global sawmilling industry and for understanding current and future regional developments around the world. Wood is the cost factor with the largest fluctuation and accounts for as much as 65-75 % of the total production cost for modern sawmills. WRQ tracks softwood sawlog prices in 21 regions, together accounting for almost 80 % of the world’s softwood lumber production. Graphs with data about delivered sawlog prices, in comparable units going back to 1995, are presented in each issue.

Regions covered in the WRQ include:

Global Forest Resource and Forest Products Updates

In addition to global wood prices and market commentary for over 20 regions worldwide, each issue also highlights the following sections:

  • Global Pulpwood Market Updates
  • Global Lumber Market Updates
  • Global Pulp Market Updates
  • Global Sawlog Market Updates
  • Global Pellet Market Updates

Wood Resource Quarterly Sample Report