Subscriber Options

We offer subscriptions to the Wood Resource Quarterly (WRQ) and the North American Wood Fiber Review (NAWFR) on a calendar year basis (first quarter – fourth quarter). A subscription includes four mailed hard copies and access to our website to download the most recent issues in PDF format.

In order to aid compliance with copyright law and ensure the ongoing market coverage of our publication, we now have 3 options for subscriptions:

  1. If you need only “single-user” access to the information in the publication of choice, the basic subscription option. This option would include a single user license for a personal copy mailed four times per year and a password for accessing our website to download the report for personal use in your office.
  2. If your company or organization intends to distribute copies, share the password or forward our publication (in pdf format) to other offices within your organization, you will need a “multiple-use” license. This alternative would include one hardcopy mailed to your main office each quarter and the permission to access our website to download the publication for up to three separate offices within your company.
  3. If your company would like to post our publication on your company’s intranet to be accessed by company employees, or if you have greater than three offices, which would like access to our publication, please contact us for written permission and for fees for such a license.

The subscription fees are as follows:

Subscription Source
Single-use (1 office)
(2-3 offices)
Extended multi-use
(4-6 offices)
More than six offices, same company
North American Wood Fiber Review US $1200 US $2000 US $2600 US $3200
(includes posting on intranet)
Wood Resource Quarterly US $2800 US $3800 US $4600 US $5400
(includes posting on intranet)

To initiate a subscription to either publication you can pay online after selecting your option on the following page or you can e-mail us at [email protected] with your request and we will send an invoice with available payment options.