Consultants from Wood Resources International LLC (WRI) are frequently invited to speak at conferences to address topics related to the global forest industry and biomass markets. Topics typically include global timber supply and demand trends; sawlog, pulpwood and biomass price outlook; international forest products trade and forest industry sector competitiveness in various countries.

Primary regions of focus have included North America, Europe, Russia, China, Southeast Asia and the plantation forestry sector in the Southern Hemisphere: Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, New Zealand and Australia.

A partial list of conference lectures given by WRI staff the past few years include (Country where presentation was given is noted in parentheses):

  • Global Forest Resources – Supply and Cost Trends  (Sweden)
  • Global Trade in Forest Products: Growing and Changing (USA)
  • Pulpwood Supply and Price Trends – Global and Regional Overview (Australia)
  • Global Forest Plantation Resources – End-uses and Cost Trends (Spain)
  • US Market for Tropical Timber Products (Papua New Guinea)
  • Wood raw-material markets in Europe, Russia and North America (Switzerland)
  • Declining Wood Costs and Lower Harvest Levels in Europe (Switzerland)
  • US Pacific Northwest Fiber Storm (Canada)
  • North American Wood Fiber Markets and Export Trends (Singapore)
  • A Look at the Usage of Residual Wood for Energy in Europe and North America (Canada)
  • Are We At the Bottom Yet? – Global Wood Fiber Markets (Canada)
  • Global Wood Fiber Markets & Price Trends (Singapore and Brazil)
  • US Northwest Pulp Mills – an Overview of Production and Fiber Supply (USA)
  • The Changing North American Log Market (Sweden)
  • The Ups and Downs of Global Wood Fiber Prices (Brazil)
  • Latin America’s Forest Industry: Export Trends and Fiber Cost Competitiveness (Brazil)
  • Global Wood Fiber Price Trends (United Kingdom)
  • Changing Wood Raw-Material Markets in Western Canada and the US Northwest (Canada)
  • International Wood Fiber Price Trends and Outlook (Monaco)
  • The biomass market in Europe (USA)
  • Global Woody Biomass Market Update: Demand, Trade and Prices (New Zealand)
  • Wood Biomass Markets in Europe and North America (United Kingdom)

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