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Reporting Global Wood Prices Since 1988

Reporting Wood Prices, Trade and Market Developments Worldwide

Wood Resources International LLC (WRI), established in 1987, is an internationally recognized forest industry consulting firm that specializes in evaluations of global forest resources, wood raw-material markets (logs, wood chips and biomass), forest products trade, wood costs outlook, and forest industry developments worldwide. In addition to consulting work, our company has tracked global wood prices through two wood market price reports, updated quarterly since the 1980's.

WRI publishes a quarterly market report, Wood Resource Quarterly (WRQ), focusing on the global wood market. The WRQ was established in 1988 and has subscribers in more than 30 countries. It covers most of the major regions that consume sawlogs, pulpwood and wood chips worldwide. The report also covers the latest market and trade developments in timber, pulp, lumber and biomass markets, including North America, Asia, Europe, South America and Oceania.


Sawlog prices, wood fiber prices and market information from all major regions of the world, and more! 

Wood Resource Quarterly

Provides quick insights into hot topics shaping the global forest industries today, in a format that is easy to read and understand.

Focus Report Series

WRI specializes in evaluations of global wood raw-material markets (logs, wood chips and biomass), forest products trade, wood costs outlook, and forest industry developments.


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Benefits of Subscribing to the WRQ

Track the latest prices for sawlogs and pulpwood worldwide

Monitor global trade of lumber, logs, wood chips and pellets

Evaluate the competitiveness of sawmills and pulpmills around the world

Assess quarterly wood raw-material price trends for the past 30 years

Follow wood prices in North America, Europe, Latin America, Oceania and Asia

Read about developments in the international forest industry

Receive reliable wood chip and pulplog prices in US dollars and local currencies

The WRQ is the only publication reporting global wood raw-material prices

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Higher log demand from sawmills in Europe and North America moved the GSPI Sawlog Price Index to a seven-year high

Softwood sawlog prices have gone up in 21 of 22 regions worldwide in the past year, as tracked by the WRQ. By far, the most significant increases have occurred throughout Europe and British Columbia.  In...