North American Wood Fiber Review

Tracking pulpwood and biomass markets in the US and Canada since 1983

The North American Wood Fiber Review (NAWFR) has tracked wood fiber markets in all major regions of the US and Canada for almost 35 years. It is the only publication that covers both the pulpwood and biomass markets in North America. The market report includes prices and market commentary for 15 regions on the continent, and is an essential source for anyone that needs to track pulpwood, wood chips and biomass prices in the largest and most dynamic wood fiber market in the world.

North American Wood Prices

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Wood cost is the factor that often determines the competitiveness of a pulp manufacturing plant. This cost varies between 45-65% of the total cash cost depending on product grade. In 2018, the average wood fiber cost was 56% of the total production cost worldwide. Tracking wood fiber costs is essential when making decisions for investments in manufacturing facilities within the forest sector.

The approximately 36 pages publication is unique because it covers both the pulpwood market and the rapidly expanding biomass market in North America. The report has consistently provided comparable updates of softwood and hardwood prices, average and range, for all major markets in North America. Prices are reported for wood delivered to consuming plant as a range and average price in comparable units; metric tonnes and green tons.

Wood fiber costs and market developments are tracked in all the key markets in the U.S. and Canada, including:

USA Canada
Northwest British Columbia
Lake States Alberta
Northeast Ontario
South East Quebec
South Central Maritime Provinces

A sample copy of the report is available by clicking HERE.  You can also read our BROCHURE on the report’s many benefits.

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