Future Suppliers of Softwood Lumber to the US Market – Supply and Demand Outlook 2017-2030
A Multi-Client Study
by ForestEdge LLC and Wood Resources International LLC

The purpose of this study was to evaluate how future US demand for softwood lumber will be met as the supply dynamics of North America change and off-shore supply and production economics evolve over the next decade.  Click either of the below links for more information on content, uses, cost and how to order!


Why Purchase This Report?
The United States is the world’s largest consumer and importer of softwood lumber and it is forecasted that wood consumption will increase in the future. The country mostly relies on domestically sourced lumber but import volumes to the US are substantial and reached 34% of total consumption in 2016.

Changes in availability of timber resources and forecasted increases in wood raw-material costs for sawmills around the world are likely to impact the trade of softwood lumber to the US in the future. Any company, or individual, that needs to better understand the outlook for US lumber demand, and potential changes in future supply sources to the US softwood lumber market would benefit from the detailed insights that this new multi-client study provides.

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