Customized Reports

Reports available on global timber, pulpwood, biomass and lumber prices and market developments

WRI produces market reports that are tailored to clients’ unique information needs in regards the latest developments in regional or global wood markets. These custom-made reports can focus on the latest sawlog, pulpwood, wood chips and pellet prices, and/or on the most recent information about trade, demand and supply of forest products depending on company need.

Depending on need, the market commentary can be distributed monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, either by e-mail company-wide or as a report in PDF format emailed to the designated contact person within your organization. In addition, clients can further customize the reports by choosing which countries, regions or continents to include in their personalized report, maximizing utility and minimizing cost to their company.

The market intelligence is typically presented with brief commentary in bullet form accompanied with graphs showing the latest trends. However, we can adjust to your organization’s special requests regarding the layout of the report should you so desire.

If customized market-reporting sounds like an attractive alternative to your existing information feed, please do not hesitate to contact WRI to discuss how we can assist you with your market intelligence needs.