Global Forest Industry and Forest Resource Consulting

Wood Resources International, LLC (WRI), an internationally recognized forest industry consulting firm established in 1987, has successfully completed more than 200 consulting assignments in over 35 countries worldwide by using an interdisciplinary approach that combines product/market expertise within a broader global strategic context.

The company is committed to continuing it’s international consulting services to the pulp and wood products industries by focusing on it’s area of expertise: on-site evaluations of forest resources and forest products industries worldwide, wood raw-material flows (wood chips and logs), and forest products trade and markets worldwide.

In addition to extensive travelling to many countries around the world, we have unique first-hand knowledge of wood market dynamics by having tracked global wood prices for our log market reports every quarter since the 1980’s.

WRI uses a flexible network of highly qualified forest industry consultants based in many countries which allows us to respond to clients’ information needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. Larger projects often entail selecting a team of independent consultants that are most qualified to address the issues in focus, based on their past experience.

Areas of expertise include:

Forest Resource Economics

  • Pulpwood and sawlog cost and availability analysis
  • Timberland investments evaluations
  • Timber plantation economics, including timber price developments

Market Studies

  • Market opportunities for lumber worldwide
  • Outlook for trade and market opportunities of sawlogs and woodchips
  • Competitor analysis and product/market positioning

Strategic Planning and Financial Analysis

  • Pulpwood price and sawlog price forecasts
  • Global and regional timber supply and demand forecasts
  • Pulpwood cost competitiveness for pulp manufacturers
  • Benchmark studies for pulp and wood products manufacturers

WRI has Clients Worldwide

Because of our long-term perspective, confidentiality, and efficiency, WRI has conducted consulting projects predominantly for clients in the private sector worldwide but have also completed assignments for industry organizations and non-government organizations (NGO’s). Clients have included many of the major North and South American forest products companies, Timber Investment Management Organizations (TIMO’s) and other forest industry investment groups as well as law firms involved in cases dealing with log and wood chips trade.

Additional clients over the past 30 years include industry organizations such as American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA), American Plywood Association (APA) and Southern Forest Products Association (SFPA), and international agencies like the World Bank, the EU Commission, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), World Wildlife Found (WWF), International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Extended Experience, Broad Knowledge and Global Perspective

Understanding the ever-changing global wood supply and demand situation requires closely following not only developments of fast-rotation plantations in the Southern Hemisphere, the evolving Russian forest sector and the extent of illegal logging worldwide, but also changes in capacity and competitiveness in the solid wood, and pulp and paper sectors on a global scale. In addition, tracking changes in global wood prices and wood markets every quarter enables WRI to utilize completely up-to-date statistics.

For our forest sector analyses we always incorporate the most updated information regarding forest resources and industry developments. Rather than relying on outdated public statistics and unreliable internet sources, we often contact or visit regions of importance and collect information first-hand from consultants, timberland owners, forest products manufacturers,  industry associations, environmental organisations and governmental agencies in a cost-efficient manner. Countries visited for on-site research in the past 10 years have included China, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, South Africa, Sweden, Norway and Canada.

A partial list of consulting assignments are listed below:

Timber Supply and Demand

  • Global Timber Supply and Demand Situation Outlook
  • Profile of the Global Eucalyptus Industrial Plantation Resource
  • Illegal Logging and Global Wood Markets: Competitive Impacts on the US Wood Products Industry

Wood Fiber Pricing

  • Current and Near-term Wood Prices for Selected World Regions
  • International Comparative Assessments for Wood Fiber Growing and Production Costs
  • Global Timber Price Trends
  • Custom-made Quarterly Pulpwood Price Reports for Different World Markets

Market Analysis

  • Production Cost Benchmarking Studies for Selected Solid Wood Products
  • Markets for Imported Softwood Lumber in the US, Europe and Japan
  • Fiber Sourcing Analysis for the Global Pulp and Paper Industry

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